Cosplay: Star Wars x Street Fighter = Chun-Leia and Cammy Fett


Yes, yes indeed I will take this Star Wars x Street Fighter cosplay.

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Cosplay: Rule 63 ‘STREET FIGHTER’ cosplay to rule your Saturday

The three of them

Everything rules! C’mon and rules! Rule 63 rules! Plus that Viper lady who isn’t Rule 63. She rules!

Hit the jump for the full image. It fucking rules!

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Cosplay: FEMME SAGAT is beauty, brawn, wonderful.


Femme Sagat! Hubba. Hubba.

Femme Sagat in the house! That’s totally what they’re calling it these days. Femme. I’m fine with that. Adaptable. Malleable. Especially in the hands of this lovely lass. #Horndoglife.

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Cosplay: This CHUN LI is a total KNOCK OUT. Get it? LAWL. #Shame.

Cosplay: DHALSIM got that stretchy blue swagger. Or not. Maybe not.


Here is some Dhalsim upside your head. Usually I correlate the character with an endless onslaught of fiery ass-whupping being laid on my ass by a friend. Now? Now I can sit back and not want to eat a controller just to spit the broken shards into a childhood friend’s soul.

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