Disney Reveals New Image Of Their ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park

Disney Star Wars Theme Park

Theme Park? Theme Land? Something? I don’t know. Whatever the case, Disney has revealed a new image of their upcoming Star Wars-themed park. Land. Landparktheme.

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‘Star Wars’ Non-News: Theme Park plans coming soonz!!!

Star Wars.

I went to Harry Potter World last month in Orlando. It was fucking awesome. Staggering around Diagon Alley was like, straight-up existing in a magical world. And I wasn’t HIGH. It was THAT CONVINCING. But all I could think while I was there, of course, was “Man, I need a Star Wars experience like this.”

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Disney Czar all like: ‘Star Wars’ theme park deets coming in 2015

Star Wars Weekends

Are you like me? (God, for your sake, I hope not.) Are you not like me, but dying for Disney to reveal some sort of fucking Star Wars theme park? Well, it appears that we will be getting details about the Mouse’s Intentions regarding The Force’s presence in their theme parks. The only boner-depleting news is that these details ain’t coming until next year.

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