Art: Darth Vader by Esad Ribic

Art: ‘The Force Awakens’ gets VHS Box Art courtesy of Paul Shipper

The Force Awakens as VHS.

Shout out to our own Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this sexiness to my attention. A little of the new school Forcefulness mixed-up with the glorious nostalgia for Them VHS Days. Days which I imagine are becoming less and less known to many. More art after the jump!

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‘STAR WARS’ characters added to THRIFT STORE ART = Win.


Dope shit. Not much to say. David Vancook buys artwork from thrift stores and injects some froggy fresh Star Wars characters into the paintings. For Dorks of the Force such as myself, the results are wonderful

Hit the jump to check out his efforts.

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“DARTH HEISENBERG” by PJ McQuade is the Dark Side We Deserve.

“Darth Heisenberg” by PJ McQuade.

Now that you mention it, Walter White has given us every bit of descent into madness that Uncle George never gave us wit Broodingkin Skywalker in them there Prequels. PJ McQuade has commemorated this descent in a glorious piece of pop culture mash-up.

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Ulises Farinas holds down Tatooine.

No, this is not new. But yes, my obsession with Ulises Farinas is new. Ever since our own J-Hawtsauce dropped the brilliant son of a bitch on my mind last week, I’ve been scouring Internet for more of his wonder.

Then I came across this.

The glory, the glory.

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I hadn’t come across this riffage of Luke Skywalker by Paul Pope for  Star Wars Art: Comics, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Rendar owns the book. Oh well! Better later than never. God bless The Pope, and that intersection between talented artist and childhood staples.