Michael C. Hall (Dexter, duh!) starring and producing Kubrick’s ‘God Fearing Man’

Michael C. Hall.

An unproduced Stanley Kubrick script is going to be given life, by a man most well-known for taking lives on TV! Ha! How is that fucking a fucking lead-in sentence! It’s dog shit?! I agree! But none the less. Michael C. Hall is going to be leading the charge to get Kubrick’s God Fearing Man out of carbonite and into your television room.

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Watch: Gnarly 11-Minute Tribute to Stanley Kubrick on 15th Anni of His Passing

Stanley Kubrick.
Stanley Kubrick passed away fifteen years ago? Dios mio, mang. Getting old. The rickety bones. Mortality’s Scythe is looming, with incontinence already kicking in. I shall apply the momentarily salve of this glorious tribute to Stanny from Alexandre Gasulla upon my rotting corpus, knowing I’ll join Kubrick in the Ether someday (soon?).

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Spielberg developing STANLEY KUBRICK’S NAPOLEON as a TV miniseries. Uh. Okay.

Steven Spielberg.

Apparently Stanley Kubrick’s dream project was one centered around Napoleon. Displaying my ignorance, I will cop to having had no goddamn idea about this. Well, Uncle Steve knew about this project. And armed with this knowledge, the Gracious Alien (c’mon, we all know he is an alien) has taken about developing the project.

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‘2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY’ LEGO Sets Are Monolithically Dope. PUNS.

Jason Allemann has created a collection of goddamn glorious LEGO sets based on 2001: A Space Odyssey. The pinnacle is a 3,800+ piece rendition of Discovery One.

Hit the jump to behold.

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