OMEGA-CAST #6: The End of Summer Meltdown

Lay the plastic down underneath your feet, tighten your diaper, and get ready. The end of the summer brings the longest OL podcast yet. The gang cover a variety of topics inside its rotting walls. From a summer movie wrap-up, to Bateman’s insulin pumps. Featuring audio from both Caff’s recent squatchin’ trip where he talks Batfleck, and the Toronto Fan Expo where Budrickton recounts how he got Carrie Fisher to hold up a Yubstep t-shirt.

It’s all inside.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Robots Are Comin’!

The Robots are coming.

Hello, friends! Be you long-time wards of the Spaceship, or recent innocent bystanders gobbled up by last weekend’s Fan Expo in Toronto. This column right here is Monday Morning Commute, a weekly installment where we blather about the various things we’re indulging in during a given week. A list of the ointments we shall be applying to the burn of Existence. Too overwrought? Too grandiose? Post a fucking list of the shit you are getting down with over the course of the next seven days.

Ah, better.

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OMEGA-CAST #3 – Squatchin, SDCC, and Pancakes.

Now that Patrick Bateman and Rendar Frankenstein have returned from squatchin’ in the Great White North, the Three Omega Idiots decide to tackle the San Diego Comic Convention Thing. Plus! Taking gnarly dumps, maybe two functioning microphones, how much better Thor is than The Flash, and cheap plugs of shitty t-shirts.

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