ComiXology will begin offering ‘All You Can Eat’ subscription plan, ala Spotify, Netflix


ComiXology is getting into the “pay a flat fee, eat all the sequential art” game. That said — I’m sure this plan is going to come with all sort of caveats. Like, no new releases, only select publishers, yadda, yadda. Still though, an interesting turn for the digi-comics market. Would you sign up for this bad boy?

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YES – Spotify coming to PlayStation


Fuck yes! One of the things I miss most in my gaming diet is rocking out to my own tunes whilst ripping shit up. I’ve been devoting time to Far Cry 4 lately EN FUCKING MASSE. And while Kyrat rules, it would rule more if I could Run The Jewels while launching tub-thumpin’ grenades.

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Internet Radio Royalties Climb Past $1 Billion. Goodness. Gracious.

I don’t use internet radio, but apparently I’m in the fucking minority. The burgeoning format has surpassed $1 billi in royalties generated.

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