This Shooting Star Is Astronaut Pee From Discovery.

Behold the sexiness of….astronaut piss? The above image was taken by Jens Hackmann of Germany. Theoretically, it’s of the Discovery venting its excess water, but what exactly is in that water?

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Check Out Discovery’s Launch From An Airplane. Perspective ++

The Space Shuttle Discovery took its final journey off of this this giant blue-skinned rock on Thursday. All us dorks peeped the launch in a variety of manners, but I sure hadn’t seen it like this. NeilMonday on YouTube was in an airplane when he caught the beauty in motion. It’s a different perspective than I’m used to catching these launches at, and I’ll be goddamned it isn’t gorgeous.

Look at that scrapheap of  ingenuity  that us humans cobbled together. Sometimes we’re capable of some pretty impressive shit.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Gorgeous Image of Discovery Before Her Final Launch.

Enlarge. | Via.

You need to click this pig to get a full sense of her majesty. This is an image of the Discovery, taken a few weeks ago. Tomorrow, Discovery is taking her final voyage into space. Sloughing off the shackles of our niggling orbit and ascending to the cosmos. Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy notes that “barring this and one more flight of  Endeavour later this year, it’ll be a while before we can put humans into space at all.”





We need to take to the stars, to exert our reach through the cosmos. All the time and energy wasted here, lead-footed and fighting amongst one another. Ah, to dream! Of a day when we can look forward to launches again.