Monday Morning (Non)Commute: The Red Sun’s Distance: Forever


Ain’t no commuting for me, today! Remember how last Friday I mentioned that I called an audible and opted-out of commuting in the fucking snow? Well — today — the UniversityCzars saw fit to pull the plug on the school day. I don’t know if it has anything to do (I imagine it doesn’t, but it’s hilarious to track the students’ apoplexy on the social media platform) with the countless caterwauling of students towards them on Twitter for not cancelling Friday, but the school did it. No school. No commute. Just me, my unwashed ass, and the dim glow of the ForeverBox pumping in the EndlessEchoChamberof(Non)News and Banality. Maybe a dog walk (or two). Relaxing. Wife’s home, too. I’ll take these Circumstances.

However! Just because I ain’t commuting today, don’t mean that I don’t have to share with you what I’m up to this week! So this is still Monday Morning Commute!

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Desktop Thursdays: It’s a lifestyle, baby


Oh shit! It’s an over-caffeinated view from my compartment in the Space-Ship. Been pounding Diet Dews and rewatching the Force Awakens trailer. Into infinity. But here is this shit. I forgot to do this post yesterday, seeing that I was drunk on turkey, but also drunk on drunk juice. Now, as I am the opposite of subdued, I shall post it in a mania. PER FUCKING USUAL, share the view from your own world i the comments.

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