Reebok releasing Ripley’s Hi-Top sneakers from ‘Aliens’


Woah. Reebook playing with fire for “Alien Day”, ain’t they? Releasing these sneakers and all.

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Nike Releases The ‘Back to the Future’ Sneakers: Nike Air Mag, Swoon.

Back to the Future II inculcated in thousands, nay millions, of young people the desire to have self-lacing futuro-sneakers. Finally Nike is coming close  to giving us our want. The Nike Air Mag is inspired by the sneakers from the movie, and they’re a limited edition swag created with charity in mind.

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Addidas’ Fall/Winter Star Wars Collection Preview Will Leave Geeks Moaning.

Want to get your geek fashion-clothing-fetish-object on? Yeah, me too. Check out this preview of  Addidas’ Fall/Winter Star Wars Collection.

Hit the jump, prepare to moan.

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