Watch: Scott Pilgrim x The Dark Knight is ‘Bruce Wayne Vs. The World’

Cosplay: Ramona Flowers about to throw some shade!


Get it?! She’s about to throw shade because she’s donning her goggles-sunglasses-things. HeyImtryingokay?

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Cosplay: Ramona Flowers from ‘SCOTT PILGRIM’ brings the hammer of awesome.


Ramona Flowers! How have I never had any Scott Pilgrim cosplay up in here yet? In like fucking five years! Gosh! Oh well. Here is an effort towards correcting that mistake.

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‘SMASHED’ Theatrical Trailer: Ramona Flowers and Jesse Pinkman go Breaking Hearts.

Terrible puns aside, I’m really looking forward to this flick. It’s all like, indie emotional and it has pretty actors and actresses that I enjoy looking at and rooting for and such.

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‘FEZ’ Gets Box Art From ‘SCOTT PILGRIM’ Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley

I’m pretty goddamn jazzed for Fez, and the excitement has only increased since it was announced the son of a bitch was dropping soon. Adding logs to the Stoked Fire is the reveal of the cover art, done by none other than Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Oni announces full-color version of ‘SCOTT PILGRIM’, dare you take the double-dip?

Perchance this is the sort of double-dipping that you may be into. Oni Press has announced that they’re going to release a full-color version of Scott Pilgrim  in an “ultra swank” format.

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Fan Created Scott Pilgrim NES Throwback Blu-Ray Case Is 8-Bit Erotica

Over on Flickr, Adam Lowe has posted pictures of his custom made casing for the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim Blu-Ray. Aping the looks of an NES case, his work is a resplendent article of dork bonery.