Watch: Deadpool explains why he won’t host ‘SNL’, spoofs Kanye’s Rant

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool aren’t going anywhere, despite the fact (or perhaps due to the fact) that the movie is already released, and making absurd amounts of ducats. The actor-character-actor-metameta has responded to an online petition asking the character-actor-character-metameta to host SNL, spoofing Kanye’s epic rant from last week.

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Tracy Morgan will host ‘Saturday Night Live’ in his return to performing

tracy morgan

Man, I haven’t watched an episode of SNL live in years upon years. But Tracy Morgan’s first return to performing demands that I break that streak this fall.

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Video: ‘AVENGERS’ spoof by Jeremy Renner on SNL is amusing. Yeah, amusing.

Here’s that sketch from SNL on Saturday featuring Renner and the cast spoofing the Avengers. You’ve probably already seen it. If you haven’t, if you’re that one guy or gal, enjoy.

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Watch: ‘LAZY SUNDAY 2’, Yes It Made Me Laugh

True life confessional stylee: I loved the original Lazy Sunday back in the day (and while it was hot I think it’s not cool to like it anymore), and if this is indeed Samberg’s final Digital Short, it seems fitting to drop this as his coda.

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