European Space Agency’s lost Philae lander has been found; wedged into crack on its comet


Poor fucking Philae. Out there in space, on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Wedged into a crack, lost, lost, lost. But now, found! By the space probe Rosetta!

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Philae lander sends back first picture taken on a f**king comet


I’ll give humanity this. Every once in a while it does something impressive. While our governments are stripping down our rights and crushing us under their boots, every once in a while fleeting agencies within these rotting, antiquates corpses have found the time to pull off something sublime. Like the definition of sublime. Sending back a fucking image. From a comet.

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Rosetta becomes first spacecraft to orbit a f**king comet!


After ten goddamn years of hurtling through The Expanse, the Rosetta spacecraft has become the first one to orbit a fucking comet. How goddamn gnarly is that! Space, mannn. *Bong rip.* Spaceee.

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COMET-HUNTING spacecraft ROSETTA woke up after three years. Is like, sup.


Today, I’ve had more than a couple of friends point me in the direction of this dopeness. This means two things. First, despite enough stimulants in my system to kill an ogre, I’m slowing down. Losing my grip. Second, my friends get me. Anyways, this isn’t about me! (I swear!) Rosetta is a comet-hunting spacecraft that has spent the last two years all slumbering and shit. Today! Today, it woke up.

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