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rocket raccoon!

Science fiction authors love makin’ up swear words.  Frak.  Frag.  Frell.  Ruttin’.  Hawkeye’s Clint Barton likes to say “futz” or “futzing,” my personal favorite.  All very creative ways of dropping the holiest of curses and squeaking past the censors, or an easy way of adding flavor to a world without using descriptors.  The little critter pictured above, Rocket Racoon, even has one:  Flark.  And, oh boy, does he use it.  All the flarking time.  In fact, despite being a cute, anthropomorphic mammal, he really is a foul-mouthed, violent little fucker.  Luckily for us, he’s bringing those tendencies to a brand new ongoing book this week!  So step inside and lets talk some futzing comics, shall we?

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‘ROCKET RACCOON #1’ poised to sell 300,000 copies. Furry Space Boner.

Rocket Raccoon.

Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1 is poised to hit the shelves with the subtlety of a bazooka-toting raccoon! Get it? Rocket Raccoon loves his weapons, and he doesn’t seem very subtle? Eh whatever. The Young-powered title is looking like it’s going to drop on the market to the tune of 300,000 copies. I think it’s safe to say that the “risky” Guardians of the Galaxy movie is going to have a built-in star when it arrives.

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