Richard Linklater is working on a movie about legendary comedian Bill Hicks, and I’m fucking thrilled

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Bill Hicks is a fucking favorite of mine, man. His god-tier ability to intertwine transcendentalism, unwieldy vitriol, and stomach-busting laughs will never get old. As well, Richard Linklater is fantastic. So, I’m more than hopeful that the latter can do the former justice.

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‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Red Band Trailer: Dazed and Confused In The 80s

The older I get, the more nostalgia I become for my native decade, the 1980s. So it makes sense that I’m stoked for Everybody Wants Some!!, despite the fact that I was probably still pooping my pants (and still am!) during the time period when the events of the movie take place. That said, I’ve claimed for a while now that I want nothing more than to drive with the top down blasting Summer Nights the year that it dropped. #VanHagar #Nostalgia

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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‘BOYHOOD’ Trailer: Linklater goes Truffaut


Fucking awesome effort, this is right here. Back in the day Truffaut used actor Jean-Pierre Léaud to play one role across a series of movies starting with 400 Blows that had the character age before the camera’s eyes. Linklater has gone a bit deeper, actually filming a fucking movie across a decade+ with the same actor. I’m very really excited to see this shit.

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