OMEGA-CAST #6: The End of Summer Meltdown

Lay the plastic down underneath your feet, tighten your diaper, and get ready. The end of the summer brings the longest OL podcast yet. The gang cover a variety of topics inside its rotting walls. From a summer movie wrap-up, to Bateman’s insulin pumps. Featuring audio from both Caff’s recent squatchin’ trip where he talks Batfleck, and the Toronto Fan Expo where Budrickton recounts how he got Carrie Fisher to hold up a Yubstep t-shirt.

It’s all inside.

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OMEGA-CAST #5: Man, We Ain’t Got Nerd Cred!

The fifth OMEGA-CAST is in! During this transmission, the crew covers a shit load of disparate topics. There’s a final Boston Comic Con wrap-up. Caff-Pow brings up the idea that maybe the Crew OL isn’t esoteric enough for old school geeks. We also discuss Steven Moffat’s douchiness. How about some Wolverine talk? Finally we delve into the first mail bag, wherein Caff decides his jaeger’s name involves handjobs. Obviously.

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