Weekend Open Bar: Clench Your Teeth

weekend open bar clench your teeth

Oh fuck! I’m a day late! But, is forgiveness offered because it’s a long weekend? Please, forgive me! Seriously though, I’m here! Here now. Here ready to party. Here ready to talk about whatever you wanna talk about. After all, that’s the point of Weekend Open Bar! To shoot the weekend shit with the other denizens of Space-Ship Omega! Let’s talk, fuckers!

Wanna talk prostate orgasms? I’m here.

Wanna talk Sam Esmail’s latest auteur masterpiece Homecoming? I’m here.

Wanna talk Red Dead Redemption 2? I’m here.

Anything and everything goes here within these madness-slickened walls.

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Desktop Thursdays: On the Hunt For the Cyclops


Desktop Thursdays! Where I yank back the scab obfuscating my Realm from theĀ All-Peering Eyes of you Internet Lords. Bask in confirmation of my tangibility. Bow your head, humbled, knowing that such refuse as myself runs free within the Kingdom. Then share looks into your own world. Virtual and Literal.

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