‘Rage 2’ Extended Gameplay Trailer: ‘Borderlands’ plus ‘Bulletstorm’ equals fuck yes

You’re forgiven if you missed the Rage 2 extended gameplay trailer yesterday. It was lost in the wake of the DOOM ETERNAL GAMEPLAY TRAILER FUCKING CHANGING LIVES yesterday. However, it is dope as fuck.

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‘Rage 2’ Gameplay Trailer: If Gearbox won’t give us a new ‘Borderlands’, Bethesda will

This trailer has me fucking hyped, my dudes. While I think we’re going to be seeing Borderlands 3 very soon (E3!), this new trailer for Rage 2 definitely scratches the Blands 3 itch that’s been consuming me.

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‘Rage 2’ Announce Trailer: Now With A Bit More Levity

I never played the original Rage, though I’ve had a sort of curious, voyeuristic urge to do so lately. But, despite that, I’m really intrigued by the prospect of the second title. Like, it’s been six fucking years since I got to wander Borderlands‘ post-apocalyptic Mad Max type shit. And while it seems the wait for a third title in this series may be coming to a close, at least I know a potential alternative is arriving as well.

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