Rumor: Megan Fox To Play Poison Ivy In ‘Gotham City Sirens’


Megan Fox to play Poison Ivy? That’s the rumor. And if a comic book is announced, and there isn’t mind-numbing, incessant rumor-mongering about it, does it really exist? I’m not sure. But, that isn’t a problem for Gotham City Sirens, mere days after being announced.

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Cosplay: Poison Ivy gives you an itch you wanna scratch

Cosplay: Poison Ivy ensnares Batman in her…oh crappy puns

Cosplay: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are the top (hat)


Terrible pun. Great cosplay.

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Cosplay: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy together for your pleasure.

Happy Saturday, ya’ll.

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Cosplay: POISON IVY Has You Looking At Her Chest Lettuce. (Chest Lettuce? WTF?)

Man that pun made so much sense because uh poison ivy is green and so is lettuce and wait they’re both vegetables except fuck no they’re not. Ah, whatever. Just look at the cosplay and leave me alone. The glory is  cosplayed by  drummerina. Photographed by Edoardo del Gaudio.

Poison Ivy Tentacle Rape? Weird.


I think I’m starting to develop some problems. First, I can’t get god damn Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy XIII out of my head. And now here rolls up Poison Ivy from Arkham Asylum. When I went nuts fawning over her a couple of days ago, I had no idea she was going to be involved in some odd alien tentacle fetish shit. Prior to the point where you fight Ivy – which just so happens to be the only boss battle that doesn’t suck in Arkham – tentacles all slither and shit up her glistening body. The tentacles, giant slithering green dicks, then feed her into the ultimate yonic symbol – a rose. Seriously, Freud? Lacan? Anyone? Help?

Now, I know I’m perverted. And I probably take things to be erotic that probably aren’t. As an example, I’m always strangely turned on by the mother oinking like a pig in A Christmas Story. I don’t know, it’s just hot. But I can’t be wrong about this one. There’s no way a hot, buxom woman in a low-cut red shirt and green underwear isn’t intended to titillate nerd balls. And there’s definitely no way that big slithering phalluses coiling their way around her ample busom and buttocks isn’t supposed to get my adult glands working. Or yours for that matter.

I knew that Arkham was supposed to appeal to a lot of gamers, but I didn’t think they were aiming to corner the Tentacle Rape genre. You think you’re getting Batman and all of a sudden you’re getting La Gotham Girl and shit. Weird.

Forget Harley, Poison Ivy is Friggin’ Gorgeous In Arkham Asylum


I have found myself continuously confused while playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. It had to do with that annoying twat Harley Quinn. I know that there’s a lot of dudegeeks out there who absolutely fawn over Joker’s spermbank. But I don’t get it. Won’t get it. Refuse to try. Normally Quinn is   just an annoying rascally bitch. But in Arkham Asylum, she enters a whole new world of suck.You see, in Arkham she’s an annoying bitch who looks like she’s going to an Insane Clown Posse concert. No, seriously:


Quinn’s new outfit for Arkham must have been redesigned by a fucking Juggalo. Holy shit. I just know dorks are beating off at her “totally hawt” cleavage “and super sploogey” nurse outfit.

Thankfully, the lords at Eidos gave us something unexpected. They made Poison Ivy gorgeous. Somehow, they did it. Even while she’s all like, chlorophyll infested and green and shit. It’s been a good year for green-skinned babes. First there was that weird green chick that Captain Kirk was boning in Star Trek, and now Poison Ivy. Behold! Viva la Green Babes.