Sony bringing PS2 Emulation to PlayStation 4; it’s a start


Sony is bringing PS2 emulation to its newest rig. I hold myself 1,000% solely responsible for this development, after weeks of barking about the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4. And this? This is a start. However, Sony is still holding out on the White Whale, PS3 support. ‘Cause, you know, they want you to check out their shitty streaming service. But it is a start.

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PlayStation Now subscription service dropping January 13

PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now’s subscription service is coming, finally, on January 13. And it’s bringing a subscription service with it. One of the head-scratchers regarding Sony’s game-streaming service was the fact that initially you only had the option to rent the games. Will this shift in policy get me to sign-up? Fuck nah! But I imagine it will for some.

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Sony has announced PlayStation Now, which will allow you to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to all sorts of fucking devices. Tablets and your PS4, your Television, pretty much insanity.

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