Cracked Pirate Bay code says “I’ll Be Back.”

Pirate Bay

Uh. Not that I pirate. I simply would not! But if I were to pirate shitty albums and movies and stuff that didn’t deserve my hard earned bucks (or poorly efforted bucks) I would be excited about this.

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KIM DOTCOM got an iTunes library worth $20,000. SO MUCH TAYLOR SWIFT.

Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom wants you to know that he isn’t a Pirate, guys. No, no, no. His new pirating service that is probably used exclusively for pirating is actually about security. To prove what a solid guy he is, Kimmy claims he has sunk $20,000 into iTunes purchases. Which, you know, is pretty much shit for a guy rich out his jiggly ass.

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PIRATE BAY Offline After “Quite Big” DDoS Attack; Don’t Look At Anonymous They Say.

I would never download torrents (heh), but if I did I wouldn’t use Pirate Bay. That’s why despite it being down apparently for a day, I haven’t noticed.

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BitTorrent Inventor: My Goal Is To Kill Off TV.

BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen dreams small.  Minuscule.  All he endeavors to do is to kill off television. As an aside, imagine being the guy or gal who created BiTorrent? Like a boss.

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