World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion hits September 25th. I know I’m the only one that still cares.

Although the numbers say otherwise!  Millions are still rompin’ around Azeroth, even if their numbers have dwindled.  Blizzard will pre-empt the busier holiday season with a September release of Mists of Pandaria  (the previous two expansions both launched later, in November and December).

The highlights of today’s news include a digital deluxe edition for the game (as opposed to just the big bulky retail deluxe box, that and I and fifty thousand other nerds will still be buying), and the usual promo tie-ins with other Blizzard properties, Diablo III and Starcraft 2.

Thanks to Spaceship OL, I’ve been playing the beta of Pandaria (never going to accept that tragic name), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the all-round quality-of-life improvements to the UI and the game in general, as well as how the game engine and art design have held up and kept the game looking fresh after nearly eight years.

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