Cosplay: ‘LEGEND OF ZELDA’ cosplay is Legendary. Rimshot.

Cosplay: ZERO SUIT SAMUS Is Spadex Lightsaber Bliss

It’s been a long week. I’ve needed this. A lot.

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Cosplay: PUPPET ZELDA Has My Heart Strings. #DisastrousPuns

There’s something about Zelda  that brings out the most beautiful cosplayers. I ain’t complaining! We have a new batch of quality Zelda cosplay, with a little Midna sprinkled in.

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Cosplay: Princess Peach In Snug Outfit Makes Mario Kart…Arousing

G’damn, this isn’t something I expected. Peep this glorious picture of  Princess Daisy and Princess Rosalina. The ladies are cosplayed by  kolibri-chan  and  jj-dreamworldz, and photographed by  Weatherstone. Apparently they’re in some sort of Mario Kart  garb from an iteration I haven’t played but it is irrelevant. The garb itself, man. The garb itself.