Watch: Gnarly new Batman animated short by creator of ‘BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES’

Batman - Strange Days

In recognition of the God Damn Bat-Man’s 75th birthday, the creator of B:TAS has returned with a new short. God bless you, Bruce Timm. God bless you.

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JAMIE FOXX to play ELECTRO in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’. Uh, okay.

Well screw me sideways, I didn’t see this coming. Jamie Foxx. Dope actor. Electro. Shitty villain. I am a bit torn. What do you folks think?

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Mr. Plinkett drops a hilarious and brilliant commentary track for ‘A NEW HOPE’, as us assholes call it.

Fuck yeah. Plinkett has dropped a commentary for Star Wars, and it is equal shades brilliant and hilarious. You think the dude is just absurdist comments and insightful comments, then he’ll blow your asshole out by referencing “inciting incidents” and other nonsense that I wish I could refer to. Get it.

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