Fans petition to have Danny DeVito play Wolverine. Finally, the nerds are petitioning something worthwhile

danny devito wolverine

There is finally a petition worth supporting, my friends. Yup! You see, there’s one going around demanding that Danny DeVito play Wolverine. And, fuck, it’s not gonna happen, but this is a Very Good Cause.

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The Fourth Prime Evil: Error 37


It’s as if a million nerds cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

#Error37 hit top global trending status around 3:40 am.

Someone created this site around 3:50 am.

No one online seems to actually be playing the game an hour after launch, at 4:00 am.


Yup.  Diablo III’s out.  I’ll see you all in my Error 37 t-shirt at Comic Con this summer.

I Am Amassing A Legion of Pissed Bipolar Nerds



Today shows “Masturbation Cumshots” bringing people into our demented den. However, I’m more impressed   by “Lamictal Cured Me.”

I WISH I COULD SAY THE SAME! Just kidding. It really does help. If I wasn’t on it, I wouldn’t be typing this. I’d be sleeping for the fifteenth hour, covered in crumbs, blood and depression. After Batman beat my invalid ass.