Monday Morning Commute: Rainmaker, The One Who Makes It Rain

the one who makes it rain

Back to life, friends. Back to reality. At least, for people like me who are fortunate enough to have spent the last week wallowing in excess and friendship. So I have returned to reality, and I’m currently sitting in a very quiet Writing Center, writing very quietly.

None the less.

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Monday Morning Commute: A CyberRot Celebration!


It’s 2016! And if I’m not mistaken, this is my first post of the NuYear. I’m just fucking lazy these days, man. Or perhaps I’m just more prone to spending whatever free time I can with my wife, friends, and family. So I took the weekend off! Sue me! But I’m here, now. In the NuYear, with the NuMe!

This is Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where we all get together and share what we’re up to during a given week. The books we are reading, the movies we are watching, the food we are eating.

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My Mom Understands Making Bayonetta Climax Is Important To Me

The Grand Hook-Up

As anyone in the know…knows, today is Bayonetta Day! Happy fucking Bayonetta day! Much less importantly, it is my birthday. And whenever my Mom has asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told her point blank: Bayonetta. So when I woke up this morning, I found the above awesomeness sitting on my keyboard. Thanks to a boatload of antipsychotics in my system, my Mom was able to sneak into my Dungeon Lair, and place this gently on my keyboard. She is the best Mom ever.