Netflix has joined the Motion Picture Association of America. Getting cliqued up, making moves!

netflix joins mpaa

I don’t know much about the MPAA. One hunch I have is that they’re a real political-ass lobbying group. The other is that they’re rather powerful. So, it makes sense that Netflix would want to get in on that action.

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A Dame To Kill For.

The MPAA has banned this new poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. It’s…it’s pretty saucy. But ban worthy? I don’t know, yo.

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MPAA Head: Piracy Shouldn’t Be Called “Theft”, Wait. What?

On occasion, the Universe throws knees-buckling curve balls at you.  For example. What the fuck can you do when MPAA Czar  Chris Dodd comes out and states that piracy shouldn’t be called theft, besides stand there dumb founded?

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Appeals Court: Computer Code Is Not “Property” — HACK THE PLANET.

Imma go ahead and be upfront with you about something you may have already surmised: I’m not versed enough in the legal system to adequately comment on this post. However, with my admittedly limited capacities, I find this ruling quite interestings.

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Video: Matt Stone On The MPAA Ratings Board’s Corruption.

With all the noise regarding the MPAA’s bullshit treatment of Bully, this video of Matt Stone laying into the board is pretty relevant. Diggin’ on it. I never really have stopped to think how absurd they are.

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Weinstein Co. will release “Bully” unrated, MPAA holy firestorm sure to follow

My hatred of the MPAA is legend. I’m pretty sure sonnets have been written about it, 14 lines of iambic pentameter detailing just how much I seethe whenever I see something like The Hunger Games (which I loved, granted, but it’s a film about children murdering each other for sport) get a PG-13 rating but something with sex or swearing automatically gets slapped with an R. Remember the 70s and 80s when boobs, a bunch of “shit”s, and 1-2 “fuck”s would get you PG? I do. Good times.

The shitshow that stemmed from the documentary Bully getting an R rating was amazing. People were de-crying the MPAA, as they should, since they’re holding onto an archaic rating system that either needs serious revamping or abolishment altogether, and the MPAA just looked like the bunch of Bible-thumping assholes they are. Everyone, from the common man to A-list celebs, appealed to the MPAA to lower the rating to PG-13. A few “fucks” shouldn’t be the reason the film was kept from the people who needed to see it — namely everyone between the ages of 10 – 18. But, naturally, the MPAA was like, “WE’RE NOT CHANGING THE RATING AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO DEFY US.”

So the Weinstein Company said, “Well, watch this.”

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Net Neutrality’s Death Begins July 12. Download That Fetish Porn STAT

You better stockpile the porn and download the esoteric bands you may enjoy. Starting on July 12 a whole cadre of ISPs are going to begin monitoring user-usage in an attempt to ferret out those they suspect are pirating content. Which means…roughly 99% of my generation.

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