Massive Amount Of ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Details Leaked.

You have to hand it to Kotaku, they’re riding the Modern Warfare 3 tip hard. Deep and hard! They’ve gathered up an obscene amount of details from various sources, no doubt working deep undercover. Which means uh, typing emails and talking to people or the such.

We’ll all get to experience it on November 8, the title’s release date.

Hit the jump for details and images.

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Here’s Some ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Rumors En Masse!

I’ve come to love the yearly installments of Call of Duty. I realize that a yearly game means heavy duty franchise milking, perhaps a hit to innovation, and other deleterious bullshit. However, there’s something comforting about being able to look forward to a new installment every year, being able to put a pin on a calendar and know I’ll get something I’ll love. It’s because of this comfort that I’m sweating this year’s Modern Warfare 3, despite Infinity Ward getting blowed-ups and MW3 getting did courtesy of thirty-five different studios.

Today, Kotaku had some pretty serious rumors/impressions regarding MW3.

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