MIT’s got robot blocks that can self-assemble like Transformers. Oh, the robot apocalypse fixing to be wild!

MIT got itself robot blocks that self-assemble. I mean, I’ve long been welcoming our robot overlords. And now I’m doubly excited, because they’re going to be coming in fun-ass forms.

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MIT has built a robotic houseplant that moves on its own. It’s nice to know the overlords will have green

mit robotic houseplant

Oh, isn’t this a relief. At least when the Robot Overlords finally take over, we know they’ll have some greenery.

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MIT Builds Synthetic Muscles Out Of Nylon Cord

mit synthetic muscles

This is good. Good. If our Robot Overlords are (hopefully) coming soon (to save us from Trump), then I would prefer they at least *look* human.

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Cyberpunk: WiFi networks can identify you through walls, thanks MIT!


If this isn’t exactly the sort of cyberpunk apocalypse I’m waiting for (with sleek leather garb, a powerglove, and sweet ass shades), then I don’t know what is.

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Watch: MIT has built a fully-functioning robot bartender. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

How do you take your drink, pardner? Do you take it from a robot, ensuring that you’re working towards being as fucking cyberpunk as possible? I goddamn hope so.

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MIT developing “Second Skin” spacesuit. Make mine ‘Mass Effect’

Second Skin

Can I get a fuck yeah? Forget those giant, clunky goddamn space-suits that have come to dominate interplanteary iconography. I demand tight, sleek space-suits that make me feel like I’m running around in Mass Effect. MIT got me. Got me good.

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Fallout 4.

Fuck you,  Bethesda! Not releasing anything. Fuck you, Troll Guy who created the fake Fallout 4 website.. Fallout 4 is real and Fallout 4 is set in Massachusetts. I’m so fucking sprung right now. Typing with my painfully swollen nerd-dong. God, get this game in me already.

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WATCH: MIT Wizards Hack Electrical Grid, Play TETRIS On A Building.

Oh, those wizards at MIT. You have to love them, for they can do things that simply make my ass ache. I spend my days jacking it and posting articles for you, my friends. They hack electrical grids and play Tetris on buildings.

Hit the jump to behold.

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MIT Creates Smart Sand That SCULPTS ITSELF. Threshold Crossed, Man.

MIT is doing some straight-up wizard shit. They’re programming sand. Sand! To take shapes. This is so goddamn awesome.

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VIDEO: MIT Invents Radar That Can See Through Walls. Science ++

No longer am I secure jacking it behind the walls in the metro, no sir. MIT is on the case. They’re inventing radar that can peer through cinder into the dark underbelly of my public masturbations. Or something.

Hit the jump to see it in motion.

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