First Look: Vin Diesel shares photo of entire cast of ‘Fast 8’

New ‘Furious 7’ Trailer: Ain’t Just About Being Fast, Bro

Four days since the Furious Folk’s Super Bowl drop and we’re already chewing on the delicious meaty gristle of another Furious 7 trailer?

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‘Furious 7’ Super Bowl Trailer: A car jumps from f**king building to building

Yesterday I made the proclamation that the less the F&F franchise gives a shit, the better the movies are. Apparently Furious 7 is going to be the best.

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Michelle Rodriguez x SAMUS from ‘METROID’ by Paul Reinwand

Mrod by Paul Reinwand.

Michelle Rodriguez as Samus Aran? I’m fucking sold on that. The killer artwork is by Paul Reinwand. Check out more of his work.