Respawn Entertainment (‘Titanfall’) working on new ‘Star Wars’ game

star wars!

May The Fourth be with us, indeed! (Seriously, I vomited into my hands typing that. And not because I’m hopped up on Theraflu and head cold mucuous) But seriously, Respawn joins an a disgustingly awesome cadre of talent (BioWare, Visceral) working on Star Wars projects.

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‘EPISODE VII’ NEWS: First shooting in MOROCCO. On MAY 14.


So like, Episode VII is going to begin filming in five fucking weeks. And yet!, and yet friends. We still don’t know anything about the goddamn flick. No official casting, no subtitle, no idea whether or not Carrie Fisher is going to be hanging rack in her original Leia outfit. But I guess we can at least sate ourselves on where and when filming will begin.

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