BioWare Making Fan-Designed ‘MASS EFFECT Hoodies Into Actual Products. Hell Yeah.

Remember those fan-designed  Mass Effect  hoodies I dropped a while back? Well, they are going to be procurable. ‘Cause they’re going to be real. Really real. Not like your friend Tildo The Unicorn Man, who haunts you in your dreams and tickles you while you’re in class.

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‘MASS EFFECT’ HOODIES Are Gaming Threads Worth Wearing

Talented son of a bitch and  deviantART user  lupodirosso  dropped the thunder this week in the form of some mock-ups for Mass Effect  hoodies. They’re sexy. They’re styling. They’re almost enough to wash the ME3  ending-inflicted  vomit-flecked blood-stains off my walls.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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