Maybe: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ promo art


‘Cause I hope you didn’t think we were getting a break from the 24/7 media pummeling emanating out of Marvel and the House of Mouse.

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Edgar Wright’s ‘ANT-MAN’ FLICK moved up to SUMMER 2015. EARLY WRIGHT++


We’re going to have to wait a little less time to bask in that glorious Wright x Marvel endeavor. The Company Mickey Mouse owns has moved the movie up by a couple of months. As if there weren’t enough fucking films clogging up that summer. It appears that Marvel isn’t fucking around about rolling out Phase 3 right after Avengers 2: Ultron is Stark’s Butler to close out their second.

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‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ confirmed for MARVEL PHASE 3 movies. Oh golly gosh?

Doctor Strange up in this thang.

The Doctor Strange movie is coming, the Doctor Strange movie is coming! Are you excited? Are your staves glowing?

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