Cosplay: BLACK CAT brings the LATEX, fries my MIND.

Black Cat.

Ah, it’s been a minute on the cosplay tip. Let’s rally with some latex-bound Black Cat goodness. No?

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Cosplay: Before she was a captain, Ms. Marvel was blazing.

All Carol Danvers Everything up in this house! I love the love that lovers are lathering her with lately.

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Cosplay: LADY LOKI Is Mischief You’ll Want To Manage

Yo, Lady Loki. How are you doing? I’d like to get to know you. Go to Valhalla. Hang out.

Cosplay: Sexy Lady Deadpool Goes Fishnets. Comic Book Cheesecake ++

[Via | Photographed by:  LJinto]

Not so much “Lady Deadpool” cosplay as much as it is “attractive blonde woman in Deadpool-inspired garb.” But you know what?

You’ll hit the jump anyways for more pics.

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Cosplay: Steampunk Lady Deadpool Is As Classy As She Is Meta