Cosplay: PRINCESS PEACH PIN-UP. I must have ate a mushroom, things are growing.

I am intrigued.

Here is some glorious Princess Peach cosplay upside your head. When framed like this, it is pretty easy to see why Bowser kept snagging her out of Mario’s impotent hands. I’m not condoning it, don’t get me wrong. But I understand. (Oh lighten up.)

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Cosplay: This Princess Peach is a delicious holiday treat.

How many awful Christmas/holiday puns can I fit into my posts today? Infinity! Infinity plus one! Whatever. Just look at the cosplay. Is good.

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Cosplay: Princess Peach In Snug Outfit Makes Mario Kart…Arousing

G’damn, this isn’t something I expected. Peep this glorious picture of  Princess Daisy and Princess Rosalina. The ladies are cosplayed by  kolibri-chan  and  jj-dreamworldz, and photographed by  Weatherstone. Apparently they’re in some sort of Mario Kart  garb from an iteration I haven’t played but it is irrelevant. The garb itself, man. The garb itself.