Cosplay: This CHUN LI is a total KNOCK OUT. Get it? LAWL. #Shame.

Cosplay: LADY BANE and BATMAN cover all your FETISH NEEDS.

Fetish Garb.

Batman all done up in latex. Lady Bane with the muzzle. I don’t know. This son of a bitch just seems to be a fetishist’s wonderful juicy dream.

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Cosplay: MAD MOXXI from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is jubjublicious.

Mad Moxxi.

Here is some glorious Max Moxxi cosplay to salve the sting of a Monday. Let Jessica Nigri and the power of lift-inducing brassieres carry you to the end of your day.

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Cosplay: Catwoman perches, I quietly moan to myself.


Ah. Saturday. I can take my time with this picture. Gross. Get it? What I’m implying? I’m a pig. Carry on.

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Cosplay: Ivy from ‘SOUL CALIBUR’ is all I’ve ever needed.


Okay, maybe not all I’ve ever needed. But on a cold ass winter day, my life rife with despair and poverty, she provides a temporary warmth. In a special place. Hint: my pants. Too far? Probably. Leave me alone, I need this!

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Cosplay: EVA from ‘Metal Gear Solid 3’ is bikini subterfuge.

Truth be told, I don’t even know what “bikini subterfuge” means, which indicates that it actually means nothing. Whatever. I’m on to you. I know your secrets. Namely, that you’re not here for me at all. Just for the glorious cosplay. I don’t blame you one bit.

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Cosplay: BATMAN and CATWOMAN bring the latex and muscles to your dome-piece.

I vote yes. Batman is totally jacked, and trying to hold in a fart. ‘Cause despite what you may have heard, he doesn’t have the Catwoman on lockdown. Yet.

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