Cosplay: Dat JILL VALENTINE from ‘RESIDENT EVIL 5’ goodness.

Jill Valentine cosplay in the heezy.

Jill Valentine x Latex Outfit = Caff-Pow is writhing in his chair. Just a little. No, no. Don’t come that close to me. Yes, what you felt was a slight tremor. No, it totally didn’t emanate from my groin.

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Cosplay: EDI from ‘MASS EFFET’ done as LATEX threatens to kill me.

Oh hai.

Saints preserve me. Edi from Mass Effect 3 done up as latex? Parts of my body I didn’t even know I had are throbbing. Yes, yes please. And then a second helping.

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Zero Suit Samus.

Latexcellent? I’m pretty letdown with myself that I haven’t come up with that pun before. Oh well, what the fuck can you do? I shall just be happy that I eventually wandered my way to the term.

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Cosplay: ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’ cosplay is LATEX/CYBORG fusion.

Ghost in the Shell cosplay.

Yep. I vote yes on this cosplay. I would let her stick her Ethernet cable in my router port. Or something. Whatever. Just check it out.

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BRING LATEX: Anne Hathaway cast in Nolan’s ‘INTERSTELLAR.’ Please, the suit.

Anne Hathaway.

Real talk, and I can’t help it: Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman suit was a glorious addition to my spank-tank last year. There’s just something sultry as fuck about it. Plus I have a latex fetish that has me dry-humping spatulas and shit. So whatever. But…where was I? Oh yes, this same Anne Hathaway has been cast in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Far out.

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Cosplay: LATEX FEMALE STORMTROOPER? Sexy Carbonite? Happy Friday to me.

For me.

It’s been a long, long, long fucking week. Not sleeping much. My laptop broke, disabling me from blogging in sporadic bursts from work. I need to unwind. And this, this shit is the sort of content that will help me do so. Quite possibly a cosplay engineered to blow my goddamn mind.

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Cosplay: ROGUE from the X-MEN ignites my full-body suit fetish.


This is all the wonder. Rogue rocking out in a full-body suit, daring my latex fetish to subvert my already feeble consciousness. If I let the drive win, I’ll wake up wearing a Gambit costume. Covered in indistinct hairs. Screaming for the whip.

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Cosplay: FRISKY POWER RANGERS morph my childhood. Into latex dreams.


SFW? NSFW? Ain’t nobody nude. But still. All that childhood. Wrapped in latex. This makes perfect sense to me, but I was also in a collision today.

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Cosplay: BLACK CAT proves all was latex, all was good.


Black Cat continues to make Peter Parker look like a chump for continually swooning for Mary Jane Blahson. See what I did there? Blahson, because she bores me.

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Cosplay: Mary Jane x Spider-Man’s suit = latex swoon.

Glory, glory, glory be to the combination of Mary Jane Watson and latex.

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