Revealed: The Identity of the New Female Thor


Like Marvel is always wont to do, they’ve revealed a huge spoiler before the actual issue drops (tomorrow). So! Hark! Spoilers ahead.

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Cosplay: Lady Loki, Lady Sif, and Lady Thor are Holy Asgardian Trinity.

The Trinity.

Oh, the loins. They seethe. They rage. They gnash against their limits. For they have seen the holy triumvirate that is Lady Thor, Lady Loki, and Lady Sif. Together. Yes.

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AMBER HEARD x THOR = My Mjölnir awakens. I apologize.

This picture is not as enticing as Alison Brie as Captain America, but Amber Heard doesn’t pull on the geek-cache like the former. Former? It is former, right? Anyways, yeah. Still rules. Also, I tried looking for credit for this picture to no avail. If you’re responsible, bless you. And let me know.

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