Christopher Nolan’s next movie is ‘Dunkirk’, set in World War II

Mr. Nolan has himself a new movie, and it is called Dunkirk. The flick is going to be set during World War II, with Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance in talks to star. Sure! Sounds good. Hoping for a rally after Interstellar Love Story About Fourth Dimensional Trite Aliens, personally.

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Rumor: Marvel wants Kenneth Branagh back for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


If you believe the FANBOY SPITTLE-FLAKED TEA LEAVES OF RUMOR, Marvel wants Kenneth Branagh for their third Thor flick.

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‘Thor 2’ Confirmed for Summer of 2013, Without Kenneth Branagh. Fail.

I thought that Thor was a fun, vacuous journey through hammers and Gods and action sequences. Enough to be excited for a sequel a couple years done the road. Marvel confirmed the obvious today, officially announced a second movie was coming. Then they done and crushed my little heart, announced  Kenneth Branagh wouldn’t be returning.

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Marvel Drops A Ludicrous Amount Of ‘Thor’ Screens On Us.

Marvel has released a fucking plethora of new movie screens from the upcoming ‘Thor.’ It’s a sexy collection of bearded gods, sizzling goddesses, and some neat behind the scenes stuff. A fucking shit ton, man! Hit the jump, check out the pictures, and uh, stuff.

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‘Thor’ Movie Gets New International Posters.

Hot off the proverbial press! Thor has gotten itself some international posters, and they ain’t half bad. Or maybe they are, and it’s a glorious spring day as well as Friday.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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