Fox’s ‘New Mutants’ movie is going to be “full-fledged” horror movie, which rules

fox new mutants horror movie

It is an cliche almost as old as the comic book movie itself. The yadda, yadda, comic book movies need to take on other genres to stay fresh. Which, I believe. Which, makes me happy that New Mutants is aiming for full-fledged horror.

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‘New Mutants’ Director Josh Boone Seems To Confirm Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane

new mutant director josh boone maisie williams wolfsbane

Oh yeah! New Mutants is a thing!

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‘The New Mutants’ coming to theaters courtesy of director Josh Boone


Tired of persistent universes? Feeling like you just can’t stomach another studio spinning off their various properties? Then you’re me! And guess what! Tough rocks. There is a New Mutants movie on the way.

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‘The Stand’ director says it will be four movie mega event.

the stand

Generally I troll Stephen King because Bateman and Rendar have both admitted to me under chemical duress that they’ve masturbated into copies of The Dark Tower. But I’m going to be the straight-man here. And far be it for me to critique what people jerk-off into. The Stand seems cool, but I haven’t read it. So I don’t know how to react to this news.

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