Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ director search narrowed down to Ted Melfi and Jonathan Levine

Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Why was I still laboring under the delusion that Drew Goddard was running the Spider-Man project? Is he writing it or something? Or is it just wishful thinking, post-Daredevil? Anyways. Marvel’s search is down to these two dudes.

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Marvel down to four directors for ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ flick

Doctor Strange up in this thang.

Marvel’s Phrase Something-Such (P3? P4?) is going to include a Doctor Strange movie. Why? ‘Cause we will see it, it’ll make money, and then Disney and Marvel will sixty-nine. A glorious, neck muscle-pulling 69, while Winnie the Pooh and Captain America pour gold-laced baby oil over the two companies.

But uh — Doctor Strange news.

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