‘Fantastic Four’ Final Trailer: Your Squad Is D00M3D

‘Fantastic Four’ International Trailer: Reed Richards just wants to fix his bruhs

‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot: See Them Be Fantastic, Duh

‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: Interdimensional Uh-Oh Party

Revealed: Official Look of Jamie Bell as The Thing from ‘Fantastic Four’ flick


Hiding it post-jump in case you’re like “Nah nah nah waiting until the movie fam.”

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‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Poster: Change R Cominz

phn4anatic fourzz

‘Fantastic Four’ Official Trailer: Consequences & Sacrifices

I don’t know if this movie is going to be any good, even after watching this first trailer. I will say that Michael B. Jordan activating his powers was dope, and I still really like the cast they assembled. Especially after watching Whiplash and Toby Kebbell’s episode of Black Mirror this past Holiday.

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Fantastic Four.

If you’re to believe the NETTER-WEBS today, the Fantastic Four reboot is finally cast. Finally! I mean I want to believe the buzz, but haven’t we been doing this dance for so long now?

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THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Is the Spielberg Movie You’ve Been Waiting For

Spielberg, where you been, man? The last time you thrilled me out of my seat was with Minority Report way back in 2002. Since then you’ve made some great flicks, but that Crystal Skull trick you tried to pull for your last movie was garbage. You’re back in one big way with a whirlwind of a movie: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. You’ve brought some friends with you too: Peter Jackson as producer and Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish as writers. I wasn’t scared off by WETA’s motion-capture animation either, which is usually terrifying and gives humans cold, soulless eyes. Tintin is a balls-out action adventure mystery thrill ride form beginning to end. Take your War Horse and shove it, Tintin’s running this show.

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