James McAvoy To Play Professor X. Can You Telepathically Sense My Erection?

Jimmy McAvoy is Chucky X

Matthew Vaughn, the dude behind Kick-Ass, and who was supposed to direct X3: Everything Fucking Falls Apart, is working on X-Men: First Class. Shit is getting fast tracked, and is coming out next year. And now they’ve got some casting. James McAvoy, who I refer to as “The guy from Wanted who made both my girlfriend and me very aroused” or “The dude from Atonement who was gorgeous and made me cry” is going to be Professor X. X-Cellent! LOL.

via slashfilm:

20th Century Fox has officially signed James McAvoy to play a young Professor X in Kick-Ass helmer Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men series prequel/reboot X-Men: First Class. McAvoy is certainly a capable actor who has done the comic book movie thing before with Wanted.

I can dig on it. I really like McAvoy both as a bisexual curiosity of mine, and an actor. He’s a bit of a strapping young lad, and I think I’ll enjoy his rendition of a young Chucky Xavier. It was such a drag watching Professor X and Magneto being played out in the first movies by a couple of feeble assholes. Yeah, I know, Patrick Stewart was like totalllllly Xavier. Whatever. Yawn. And Ian McKellan, dude, I love you. But you’re not Magneto. Magneto is supposed to be fucking physically imposing. Or at least not withered and goofy.

Just saying.

McAvoy as Professor Xavier? I’m down.