Views From The Space-Ship: Television is reality, and reality is less than television

desktop thursdays television is reality

Hey, comrades. How are you doing? A bit blanched by the banality of existence? A bit staggered by the Sisyphean grind that is consciousness? Well, how about I offer you a little distracting voyeurism? After all, that’s the point of Desktop Thursdays.

A look into my life! My existential, digital, and meat-case vibes.

Then, if you’re so inclined, provide me with a little material in the comments section. An escape for me through your own world(s).

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Cosplay: FEMALE VENOM is liquid latex pants explosion. I objectify, but I swear I’m deec.

Shit. I keep forgetting to put this armada of pants-breaking Venom cosplay. Mayhaps it is because every time I take a look at it, my loins begin to thrash. I have to attend to rituals. Offer supplications. Seriously though, this is amazing. Read the rest of this entry »