‘Quake Champions’ Gameplay Trailer: Rocket Jump Once More

‘DOOM’ Launch Trailer: Heavy Metal Demon Destruction

Lost in the shuffle of Uncharted 4‘s final arrival is the fact that there’s a goddamn DOOM game dropping this week. Oh me? This guy? Going to have to pass on it. You know, given Uncharted 4. But I’m eagerly anticipating the game’s reviews, cause if it turns out good I’m definitely grabbing it down the road.

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‘DOOM’ Cinematic Trailer: Heaven Is Hell On Mars For Space Marines

‘DOOM’ Campaign Trailer: Game drops May 13!

‘Game Informer’ February Cover Reveal: ‘Doom’

Watch: ‘Doom’ designer shares his level in ‘Super Mario Maker’

So. I didn’t fucking realize you could share the levels you make in Super Mario Maker. This…this significantly increases the sexiness of this game for me. One of those folks sharing levels is Tom Hall, who is one of the minds behind Wolfenstein 3D futzing *and* Doom.

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‘DOOM’ E3 Gameplay Trailer: Double-Barrel Hellscapes

‘Doom 4’ Teaser Trailer: Eleven Seconds of Hell

‘Doom’ co-creator John Romero making first shooter since ‘Daikatana’

John Romero

John Romero is the co-creator of Doom, however he may be equally known for his insane, impressively large failure Daikatana. Both of which are excellently chronicled in the book Masters of Doom. And now Romero is ready to dust that epic failure dirt off his shoulder and once again enter the shooter game.

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‘Doom 4’ Details: It’s just ‘Doom’, and it’s f**king brutal


The lucky pricks at QuakeCon have gotten to bask in the glory that was the Doom 4 reveal. And while none of us newbie-ass-scrub-fucks who didn’t attend can see it, it doesn’t mean some details haven’t proliferated. Into the main-guts of the internet.

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