‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Trailer: I Did Not Start This War

Here’s the trailer for War For The Planet Of The Apes. Like, how do these movies work? ‘Cause I really enjoy them. They’re fucking preposterous, and overwrought, and that’s what makes them so great.

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HIDEO KOJIMA continues trolling us with INSANE ‘PHANTOM PAIN’ interview.


This is utter madness ratcheted up to the Nth degree. When The Phantom Pain’s trailer dropped last year, people were confused. What the fuck was this game? Who was this mysterious developer? No one really knew. After some scratching at the surface however, details began to emerge. Slowly, the mystery resolved itself. Resolved itself right into the maniacal face of Hideo Kojima. A recent interview with Joakim Mogren who is the alleged creator of the game only continues this insanity.

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Cosplay: DHALSIM got that stretchy blue swagger. Or not. Maybe not.


Here is some Dhalsim upside your head. Usually I correlate the character with an endless onslaught of fiery ass-whupping being laid on my ass by a friend. Now? Now I can sit back and not want to eat a controller just to spit the broken shards into a childhood friend’s soul.

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JUNOT DIAZ, this is how you gain me. Crap puns! No f**ks given.

Oh Amazon Prime, bless you for this gift. Well shit, I paid for it. But I’m still really fucking excited.

Cosplay: RULE 63 SUPERBOY brings the feels, man. Or is it woman?

Midweek pick me up, right hurr.