Cosplay: MORRIGAN from ‘DARKSTALKERS’ is always welcome for more again!


Morrigan! More again! How much do I hate myself, and these shitty headlines? So, so much! So much that the only solace I take in the midst of  the eternal suffering of my thick-skulled stupidity is gazing at cosplayers and making horrible puns.

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‘HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE’ Teaser Trailer: Can J-LAW burn away the source’s mediocrity?


Oh shiiiit, I fucking hate myself for that pun. As you read through Catching Fire, it quickly becomes clear that its author Suzanne Collins doesn’t really have much of a panache outside of her original (stolen, borrowed, remixed, whatever) conceit. So while it would be awesome if Jennifer Lawrence, the film’s mediocre director, and the entire rush job could transcend its source material, I ain’t fucking betting on it. None the less, here is the trailer.

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Cosplay: LADY ASH is your army of sexiness. Slice my throat for that title.

Lady Ash.

I’m sorry that I continually puke up horrible titles. Do you know how many I’ve written since OL began? Literally thousands. All of it has come together to coalesce into an unrelenting spike in my proverbial eye. The jarring white-hot lightning pain of banality is only momentarily soothed when I produce a pun so bad, so very bad, that I laugh at the horror.

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‘READY PLAYER ONE’ author signs mega deal for next novel ‘ARMADA’

Well then! Nary three days have passed since our own Rendar was lavishing rope all over the bust and buns of Ready Player One when this news comes out. The author of the aforementioned jam is currently the hotness around The Town, and he has been afforded a ridiculous advance for his next endeavor. At, to be paid for writing. The concept, the concept alone.

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