‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Poster: Carter and Jarvin Go To Hollywood

Like Way gorgeouz

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

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Wrath of the Titans: The Quest For More Money

I’m currently on the AMTRAK, en route to the Big Apple, and just overheard the following conversation:

Person 1: Wanna go to the movies later?
Person 2: What do you wanna see?
Person 1:  Remember the movie about the Greek gods and stuff? The guy from Avatar is in it. The sequel just came out. I really want to see it — it looks so good.

Despite my skepticism of Person 1’s ability to someday produce intelligent, contributing offspring, his enthusiasm for the film in question (“Wrath of the Titans”) gave me pause. Because, honestly? I haven’t seen a single commercial for it. I had to go to IMDB to make sure it was, like, an actual thing, and then I was like, “Rosamund Pike, why are you in this movie? You are better than this.”
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