‘Justice League’ Poster: Heralding The New Trailer Coming Saturday

justice league poster new trailer saturday

Justice League got itself a new trailer coming Saturday, and it appears a new poster today. The poster? It’s uh, generic as fuck. But I’ve long since given up trying to read a superhero movie’s quality through its promotional posters.

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Monday Morning Commute: IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BURN!

Chew that bubble gum.

Sup fuckers. Don your war crest. Paint your face with the blood of those who have fallen before you staves, swords, axes. This is getting real. The following week is filled with enough revelry to burst my little heart. Were I a coward. But I am not such thing. My arteries are thickened from excessive, caffeine-fueled pumping. The next seven days are a gauntlet of awesome that justify this meager little column. Nay, these seven days justify my generally effusive demeanor. This is MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, the column where we pontificate on the various little objects filling our hurt-holes. The arts, farts, funny books, and video games we are using as a salve to soothe the general burn of existence.

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Report: PLAYSTATION 4 will totally be able to stream PS3 games. Oh, neat.

Say it ain't fucking so!

The PlayStation 4 is going to capable of something I find to be a rather interesting technological feat. It’ll be capable of streaming PS3 games from the internet. Hey! Wow! Now, you know what would be even more neat? If the system just fucking allowed me to play my own PS3 games on it. (A luxury that no next-gen system is going to offer, apparently.) Anyone have a slushy groin over this news?

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