Cosplay: Harley Quinn from the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie

Cosplay: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are the top (hat)


Terrible pun. Great cosplay.

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an emphatic yes.

Nothing really needs to be said, folks. Here we got ourselves the arrival of some latex cosplay towards the end of my day. If the hormones weren’t already seeping deep into my soul, well. Yeah. Not we got ourselves what I call a condition. It’s aiight. I’m fine. I’m fine. Keep your eyes up, please.

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Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN by Jessica Nigri. Ya’ll welcome.

Harley Quinn by Jessica Nigri. Photo by LJinto.

‘Cause when Jessica Nigri cosplay comes across my RSS feed, I stand at attention. Get it? Oh, whatever.

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Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN goes SUICIDE SQUAD for our enjoyment.

Harley Quinn. Yus.

I don’t usually dig on Harley Quinn. Sometimes she is annoyingly screechy, and in the Bat-Guy video games she is a Juggalo (Juggalette?) gone awry. This picture is fantastic though, making me double-think my abject dismissal of her character. And yes, the cosplayer is cute. Okay. You caught me.

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Cosplay: HARLEY QUINN In Nurse’s Garb Gives Me A HUSBAND’S BULGE. Also: Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange turns away momentarily. I tickle Harley from behind hoping to get her attention. Startled, she whips to face me and buries a knife deep into my soul. As I bleed out, I manage a thumbs-up, complimenting her on her impressive array of breasts. So it goes. (What the fuck am I talking about.)