‘HALO 4’ NEWS: Limited Edition Details & Weekly Multiplayer Episodes

Golly gosh! Would you figured that a trillzillion-dollar franchise like Halo 4  would have a limited edition? I would have! Ha! Psyche. Thought I was going for ironic comment but really I was doubling-down on the equally as lame gotcha riff.

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‘HALO 4’ Dropping This Election Day; Will You CHOOSE IT? Puns. Or Something.

Halo 4  is dropping the same day that us registered people in the United States shall be picking the next president of this nation.

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‘HALO 4’ SCREENS Show Shinier Riffs On Same Old Franchise.

Here’s a boat load of Halo 4  screens courtesy of the latest issue of Game Informer. They’re all pretty shiny and sexy and everything, but I don’t know if they mean anything new for the franchise. At the very least, Cortana is looking pretty spicy. Leave me alone, I got a thing for AI.

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‘HALO 4’ DETAILS: Cortana Is Dying, Forerunners, And More.

Take this batch of Halo 4  information upside your head. Take it! It’s full of details, the Forerunners, and Cortana pulling her buttcheeks apart and downloading the Universe into her soul.

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First Look: CORTANA From ‘HALO 4’, Or: BLUE JUBJUBS.

Game Informer is going to be rolling out a Halo 4  rub-and-tug this month, and they’ve dropped the cover ahead of time. It features franchise fixture Cortana looking all sorts of blue and seductive.

Hit the jump to check her out.

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‘HALO 4’ Explosion INFO and VIDEO Upside Your Head

Happy Monday, Omegalytes. Want some Halo 4  info-time? Video, pics, and more?

Hit the jump!

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